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We provide financial assistance to Africa-based green and blue enterprises

Identifying, Accelerating, and Advancing nature-based solutions for Africa


Shifting the business of natural resource protection to be upheld, driven and shaped by African communities.


Empower African-led environmental-focused grassroot level start-ups, emerging green and blue ventures, and African women in STEMM, through matched funding from African and international philanthropy.

What We Do

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Investing in communities for sustainable natural resource management across Africa.

We foster adaptive, inclusive and ownership-based models that empower Africa’s grassroots environmental entrepreneurs and climate innovators to become significant agents for social transformation and environmental protection through social enterprise and economic self-realization.

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Accelerating African-driven STEMM innovation for lasting biodiversity solutions.

Nature’s Pitch harnesses Africa’s scientific and innovation expertise to position the continent as a leading hub for both business and conservation knowledge. With a focus on uplifting women in STEMM we aim to derive innovative strategies for behavioural change and invest in emerging leaders to pioneer new approaches to the business of natural resource protection.


Criteria for Support

Nature’s Pitch seeks to support emerging African, small-scale grassroots green and blue enterprises, businesses and innovations. To qualify for funding, the enterprises need to fulfill 2 or all of the following criteria:

African women and/or youth-led ventures that focus on sustainable utilization and preservation of natural resources, biodiversity and climate solutions.

Innovative concepts addressing climate and environmental challenges, emphasizing sustainable natural capital utilization, biodiversity protection, and restoration.

Integration of STEMM, conservation-based business, storytelling, education, information, and communications to address environmental issues.

A working business plan, concept note, project plan or proposal outlining your vision, mission and strategies.