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Ongoing Projects

African Women In STEMM

Nature’s Pitch accelerates the knowledge, experience and expertise of African women in STEMM fields through immersive knowledge exchanges. By facilitating their learning opportunities and exposure to diverse perspectives, we enable the development of impactful biodiversity solutions that strengthen the resilience of green/blue economies and local communities. 

Grassroots Green & Blue Entrepreneurship

We are committed to enhancing emerging grassroots social enterprises that utilize and leverage the economic opportunity of Africa’s natural capital to advance communities and biodiversity protection. By providing access to alternative financing options, relevant training and skills improvement, we will work with women and youth entrepreneurships to provide them with business and program development strategies and advice.

Driving Africa’s Green & Blue Transformation

Nature’s Pitch supports ventures in Africa that foster green and blue transformation through innovation, authentic biodiversity storytelling and communication, gender and youth responsive diversity and inclusion in environmentalism. Our ongoing projects encompass wildlife filmmaking, conservation education content, and elevation of women leadership in conservation.

Women in STEMM

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Dr. Moreangels Mbizah – Founder & Executive Director at Wildlife Conservation Action, 2023 Homeward Bound Expedition

Dr. Moreangels Mbizah, a pioneering conservation biologist from Zimbabwe and Founder of Wildlife Conservation Action, stands among the 188 remarkable women chosen globally for the 2023 Homeward Bound expedition to Antarctica. As one of the four visionary representatives for Africa, she champions African women in STEMM, supported by Nature’s Pitch through a grant. Dr. Mbizah’s transformative journey aims to amplify women’s leadership in environmental fields, fostering diversity, and inclusivity. Leveraging insights gained, she endeavors to accelerate growth in biodiversity development and conservation, advocating for greater women’s participation in STEMM for Africa’s sustainable future.

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Rosebell Abwonji – Leader in Youth Professional Development, 2024 Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program

Rosebell Abwonji, an emerging conservation leader in Kenya’s Greater Mara ecosystem, is committed to cultivating future conservationists and addressing youth unemployment. Accepted into UC Berkeley’s Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program, Rosebell, with backing from Nature’s Pitch and Conservation Nation, will integrate business and technology to accelerate growth in her vision for a comprehensive youth leadership development ecosystem. Her focus on natural capital and African-led innovation aims to transform conservation practices, promoting diversity, inclusivity, and green and blue transformation in the Mara region.

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Abigael Pertet – The Mara Elephant Project (MEP), Coexistence Experimental Farm

Abigael Pertet, an African woman in STEMM, leads the Mara Elephant Project (MEP) —an emerging green and blue social enterprise focusing on sustainable farming and tackling human-elephant conflict. With a grant from Nature’s Pitch, the team actively explores alternative crops, engaging the community for enduring solutions. Progress includes identifying elephant-resistant crops, implementing cost-effective measures, and establishing best practices for the human-wildlife interface.

Driving Africa’s Green and Blue Transformation

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Shujaaz Inc. – Global Storytelling for Nature

Shujaaz Inc., a trailblazer in African-led innovation and storytelling, utilizes mass media to engage East Africa’s youth. In collaboration with Nature’s Pitch, the Emmy-Award-Winning team curated a panel at COP28, exploring storytelling’s transformative power. During the event, they also launched Mission Overstory’s ‘Global Storytelling Summit,’ which fosters youth leadership, and green and blue transformation in Africa. The project aims to shape an aspirational future through impactful storytelling for social and environmental change across Africa.

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Pridelands Wildlife Film Festival (PWFF) – The Nkaang’ Festival

Pridelands Wildlife Film Festival (PWFF), Africa’s premier platform for wildlife films created by indigenous filmmakers, partnered with Nature’s Pitch to support the 2023 Nkaang’ Film Festival in Watamu, Kenya. The collaboration emphasized showcasing diverse natural history narratives, promoting inclusivity and diversity in wildlife filmmaking. The event celebrated outstanding achievements in wildlife conservation filmmaking, highlighting the value of African-led narratives.

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WE Africa (Women for the Environment) – Women’s Leadership in Conservation

WE Africa is an African-led initiative fostering leadership transformation, emphasizing diversity and inclusion with women at the forefront of the environmental movement. Nature’s Pitch supported the annual retreat for the WE Africa Lead Program 2023 cohort, facilitating a crucial transition for 21 women environmentalist graduates. The project enhances personal and professional capacities, promoting women as leaders and mentors within the African conservation space. This was an important juncture for the graduates who progressed to the WE Africa Move Program.